• Every Child has the Right to
    a Safe, Healthy and Resilient
    Living Environment
    Cities | Neighborhoods | Open Spaces | Schools | Institutions & Homes
    Make them Child-Friendly
  • An adequate standard of living is a right of every child
    Every eighth urban child in India in the age-group of 0-6 years lives in a slum. ACE promotes housing rights of children to support happy healthy childhoods in affordable, adequately provisioned and inclusively developed housing.
  • Highest attainable level of health is a right of every child
    ACE plans, designs and advocates for healthy living environments to prevent diseases, infections and childhood mortality linked to unhealthy surroundings.
  • Child-centred Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster
    ACE engages in action research to systematically build children's resilience to the challenges of climate change and other non-climatic disasters.
  • Play and recreation are essential to children's DEVELOPMENT
    ACE strongly advocates for embedding play in local area development as a priority in planning and for involving children in the design of their play and recreation spaces.
  • Child friendly facilities for children requiring particular attention
    ACE engages in research, planning and design of facilities for children requiring special attention such as girls, children living in poverty, children with disabilities, children living in institutions, children from indigenous and minority communities, children in situations of conflict, humanitarian and natural disasters.
  • Mainstreaming children and youth concerns in urban development
    ACE engages in inclusive planning to fulfil the rights of children by promoting and creating child friendly urban environments.
  • ACE CEO leads an independent evaluation team for the Evaluation of UNICEF Work for Children in Cities on behalf of the UNICEF Evaluation Office in New York.
  • ACE writes a concept paper on Child Protection in Urban Settings to inform UNICEF's new Child Protection Strategic Plan.
  • In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Action for Children's Environments (ACE) and IPA India, in close consultation with IPA World, has decided to postpone the International Play Association Conference 2020.
  • ACE is facilitating and presenting in several workshops at the World Urban Forum 9 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Children and Youth Assembly on Feb 7, Placemaking Sandbox Studio on Feb 9, and Shaping Healthy Cities for and With Children on Feb 11, 2018.
  • ACE hosted a conclave on 'Children and Youth for Safer Cities' on December 7 and 8, 2017 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in partnership with UNICEF, SEEDS, CDSA, GEAG, and NIUA. The two day conclave focused on exploring prospects to leverage existing policy, practice and legal instruments to build a roadmap for Urban Resilience with strong participation of children and youth in planning and action. Event Images

    The 21st IPA Triennial World Conference on the theme of Play and Resilience has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, till we can physically meet in Jaipur, the conference organizers-Action for Children's Environments (ACE) and International Play Association (IPA)-India in collaboration with IPA-World and UNICEF are pleased to announce 6 weeks of webinars on a key theme of the conference by contextualizing it for the present time: Making Cities Child-friendly in the post pandemic world: Play and Public Place.

    This is a ticketed event with limited available spaces.

    Register Here

How we help children

We empower children

We help children to identify and remove barriers that prevent them from enjoying their rights to survival and development, protection and participation in their communities and cities.

We build capacity of duty bearers

We develop tools to facilitate our development partners to collect evidence, monitor and evaluate programs.

We train children as well as duty bearers-communities, organizations and local governments in their use.

We help design effective plans and strategies to promote an adequate standard of living while safeguarding the rights of most deprived children.

We influence policies, plans, programs and projects

We engage in research and analysis to understand how to improve well-being of children in poverty and crisis.

We support policy actors to adopt a child-centered approach in planning and development decision-making.

We engage with children in processes of research, planning and constructive community change to improve their lives.

ACE's expertise lies in three critical areas
We have worked in 10 different states in India and 8 other countries to
create safe, resilient, inclusive and child friendly environments.