ACE works on creating safe, healthy, inclusive and resilient living environments for children and young people.

ACE seeks to fill a vital gap in development practice by offering cross-sectoral urban expertise including policy, planning, and design expertise to make cities more child friendly and livable for all.

ACE is a registered charitable Trust.

What We Do
Knowledge Building
  • Urbanization and children
  • Child-centred urban planning and programming
  • Child friendly cities: tools, quality data, evidence based models
  • Child-sensitive policies addressing poverty and equity, social protection
  • Child rights governance
  • Child-centred climate change adaptation and disaster risk management for building resilience
  • Child’s rights and SDGs
  • Child’s right to play in situations of crisis
  • Housing rights of children, affordable housing, slum upgrading and redevelopment
  • Promoting safe, inclusive, resilient cities through policy formulation and implementation, municipal and community action
  • Building children’s resilience through child-centered disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
  • Planning, participatory design and evaluation: child friendly cities, schools, special projects, institutions and play opportunities
  • Strengthening child rights governance through better data: GIS based mapping and analysis of vulnerabilities of slum dwelling children and children in climate hot spots
  • Creating evidence based and innovative models to support development of children in different living conditions and provide actionable inputs to governments
  • Inclusion of children in the policy discourse on urbanization and environ mental sustainability
  • Strengthening community based prevention in Integrated Child Protection Scheme
  • Improving the quality of children’s homes under the JJ Act and the Integrated Child Protection Scheme
  • Strengthening the right to development, play and recreation, CC-CCA and CC-DRR in Draft National Plan of Action for Children 2016
  • Inclusion of children and young people in Habitat III policy documents
  • Integrating right to play more centrally within children’s right to development and right to a healthy environment.