Future Plans

To raise public awareness on the state of living conditions of children in poverty in India and to work towards informing and changing perceptions of different tiers of Government to make more child friendly policies and involving children and youth in city and local area development.

To aim for sustainable change by addressing the structural and systemic causes that lead to adverse living conditions for children and youth and their marginalization in development.

To work with other Non-Government and Civil Society Organizations, SemiGovernment and Government Agencies/ Programs who have similar objectives and a long-term commitment to child rights.

To propagate understanding of young people’s lives from their perspective while planning, designing and management of physical environments to improve living conditions through participatory processes.

Focus Areas
  • Mainstreaming children and youth issues in urban policies and plans
  • Housing rights of children
  • Child centred and child friendly slum redevelopment
  • Right to play
  • Placemaking for and with children