Promoting safe communities: Improving child protection in slums through a convergent approach in Mumbai and Bhopal

The “Promoting Safe Communities” program by UNICEF India is an attempt to create an approach for child protection for the most disadvantaged children in cities while upholding the principles of the New Urban Agenda which promotes Safe, Inclusive and Resilient Cities for All. ACE is the technical partner for conceptualizing the city level projects in Bhopal and Mumbai; designing the indicators and tools for mapping at the household, community and ward level in each city; training and building capacity of local NGO partners in conducting the research, and providing leadership to the Safe Community model building process. UNICEF state offices in Mumbai and Bhopal in partnership with three local NGOs in each city are implementing the project and conducting the mapping at the slum level with strong participation of children, adolescents and the community. ACE has integrated the risk mapping by children in the two cities in a GIS platform.